I believe in creativity.

We, as people, all have a very expressive gift of creativity. We call it problem solving, we call it science, we call it religion, we call it the human spirit, call it intuition, we call it many things—but at the end of the day, it's this way of thinking that makes us who we are.

I dabble...

Having been an illustrator as long as I can remember, creativity was always present. At the age of 15, I started becoming a musician and experimenting with computer design and programming.

I've focused on three things the majority of the time: graphic and information design, computer programming and music. I'm very much a specialist in those categories and a jack-of-all-good-at-some with many other things that are related.





Everything else...

Work with the best.

I have helped bring award winning projects to life for Disney, Activision, Fox, Sony, Warner Bros, Porsche, Hanes, USAA, AFI, Allstate, Midtown Athletic, HIMSS and many more. I've worked at web design boutiques, large advertising agencies, as a freelancer and now as an entrepreneur.

Being in the creative industry as a professional for this long has allowed me to work along side and learn from some of the most talented people at their respective crafts. As well as wicked genius programmers and designers that win advertising awards, I've met, recorded with and played with world class musicians.

It's important that you surround yourself with people who get you and push you to work harder than you did yesterday.

We love taking on innovative, interesting or just fun work at my company, Adjust Creative. If you've got a project, let's talk.

Wanna jam some progressive rock music? I gotchu, yo.

Sometimes I write blogs. Usually they are about tech or design stuff.